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The Power of Small

We leverage the Power of Small, and as a result we have a big heart, have big ambitions and we achieve big outstanding results for our clients.


We believe in the power of small - we are a small company, running on a small specialised team with a track record of dealing with a small number of high-net-worth clients. We leverage the Power of Small, and as a result we have a big heart, have big ambitions and we achieve big outstanding results for our clients.


The world is becoming a smaller place.


Join the revolution

Join our community of clients with big smiles.


Now is the time for the Power of Small. Now is time for you to come over to Reality Properties for all your property needs.



We have strong family values at the core of our ethos, and we treat our all clients (tenants & landlords) as if you are our part of our flock.


“In Bobby I Trust”

“If Bobby is happy with the rent being offered, proceed to contract”

“I’m happy for you to sign the lease (one that I haven't even seen)”


Impartial advice (always)

We always give you the right advice for your particular situation.


The best way to illustrate this is by way of a recent situation. We received a call from a client asking us to sell their apartment. Great news for us right? Afterall, we only earn once we have successfully sold the flat. But the first question we asked was “why are you selling?” The answer came back as “I need the money to invest in a business opportunity”. After further discussion, the recommendation we gave was NOT to sell the apartment and instead continue to receive rental income from it (we’d already achieved good rental returns for the client and they had problem-free tenants too). Following our advice, that client refinanced their own home (which was mortgage free) and used that money to invest. This way, the rental income from the apartment paid off both mortgages and the client was still able to make the business investment which created further income.


In this case, we didn't earn a sales commission. But what we did get was loyalty from the client who saw that we’re not in it for a the quick buck. The key for us was to maintain long term relations.


This is only one such reason why 99.9% of our clients won't go elsewhere for their property sales, lettings or management (even when others are cheaper).


Marketing Powerhouse

We use our marketing muscle to ensure your property is seen by those who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.


We invest heavily in marketing your property and take great care in making sure that your home is as widely seen as possible on the web and is presented in the best possible way . We’re on major portals the likes of Zoopla, PrimeLocation, Homes24, Rightmove, AOL, MSN, Sky to name a few


In terms of printed media, our partnerships include The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Daily Mail, Homes & Property, The Evening Standard, Homes24 and more - all selected to help you reach the widest audience.


We also utilise Social Media as another means of generating interest for your asset. Plus don't forget, we have a healthy database of applicants already looking for your property.


We supplement online presence, with estate agent boards.


We make every effort to actively get out there and expose your property to the widest possible audience.

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